Viewing steps returns items out of order

Jump to Step 10. Scroll to bottom, hit next. Now you are on page 11. Scroll to bottom, hit next. Now it says it is step 12 but the images and text are from step 1.

Firefox 17.0.1 64 Bit Xubuntu

mikeasaurus4 years ago
This might be from you clicking to that step before the page has finished loading, sending you to the correct step bu then resetting the page finder up top. Pushing next will go then from intro (where it thinks you are) to the next step (step 1).

Try refreshing your browser and waiting for the page to load completely. I could replicate your issue, but can also fix it by refreshing.
drakesword (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
I had opened the page 10 mins prior to actually clicking next. Middle click to open in new tab.