Viking Catapult, Engagement Ring, Collapsible Utensils...

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Mar. 20, 2008

Welcome back!

Enter the new T-shirt Hacks speed contest! Show us an awesome way to reuse a t-shirt, and win some sweet prizes.

The winners for theToss It! paper airplane speed contest are up. See which planes won the Air Instructables Pilot's License.

Check out these cool instructables!

How to Make a Desktop Viking Catapult
Get ready for some serious cubicle warfare with this small-scale adaptation of the classic Viking Catapult. Wargame included.
posted by Kiteman on Mar 19, 2008
Create embroidered patches from digital images
Follow these simple steps and reproduce digital art in embroidery.
posted by bekathwia on Mar 16, 2007
Make a Platinum Diamond engagement ring
A professional jeweler provides tips on making your own custom engagement ring using the lost wax technique.
posted by chrisparry on Mar 18, 2008
DIY Vintage Jeans... Coffee Style
Add a nice light brown vintage look to your jeans with some coffee grounds and just a little bit of time.
posted by threadbanger on May 7, 2007
Get Over a Barbed Wire Fence
If you ever need to get over a barbed wire fence, these tips will help you from shredding yourself in the process.
posted by Tetranitrate on Mar 14, 2008
Twin jet paper airplane
Stuck with just a couple pieces of paper and want something to do? This stylish plane is easy to put together and flies fast.
posted by neelandan on Mar 9, 2008
Simple Metallic Laptop Stand
The laptop stands keep on coming! This one keeps your laptop cool for under $10 and even matches the look of a MacBook Pro.
posted by chris99 on Mar 17, 2008
Pocket sized collapsible eating utensils.
Put these mini-utensils in your pocket and simply pull them out to regular size (or super size!) when you need them.
posted by Gunk on Floor on Mar 19, 2008
8x4=2 (2 Tables from 1 sheet of plywood)
With a simple template you can get two tables from a single sheet of plywood. Use a jigsaw or a waterjet if you have access to one.
posted by barnabygunning on Mar 18, 2008
Self watering recycled plant pot for growing herbs and flowers
Reuse plastic bottles and enjoy a laid-back way of growing your plants.
posted by iPodGuy on Mar 18, 2008

Steampunk Finger Stylus
Make a funky stylus for your finger and navigate those touchpads like a pro.
posted by robbtoberfest on Mar 16, 2008

Digital 3D Picture Viewer - "The DigiStereopticon"
Update an old-timey gimmick with a new one to make photos fun again.
posted by JayDub on Mar 17, 2008

Get Your Eggs Ready!

Easter is just a few days away so check out these colorful egg Instructables!
Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

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