Vinyl Clocks - easy simple custom goodness.

Me and Fungus Amungus share a common obsession interest. We have both created clocks.

I must say, I do enjoy a good clock. I like something a little different, and a bit unique, I'm also a sucker for a perfect motion and quiet mechanism.

These Vinyl Clocks add the ultimate and easy way to create your own personal clock based focal point, each kit comes with a set of pre-cut vinyl stickers, and a clock mechanism. The idea being that you can arrange said items onto a wall to give your own custom look. I think its a great idea, the plus side of the kits is that the selection of shapes and numbers is really good, a simple housing for the clock mechanism would have been nice.

Obviously, this would make a great DIY project, either using a laser cutter, or a combo of a scalpel and patience.

I recently purchased a Karlsson which features a small simple design perfectly suited to a project like this!

Artstick Online Via Gizmodo

Picture of Vinyl Clocks - easy simple custom goodness.
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anth1018 years ago
I take that back all those clocks are cool
anth1018 years ago
That clock is cool
domitay8 years ago
A watch cum wall paper design, very interesting. I like it and shall definitely try it in my room.
scoochmaroo8 years ago
Yes, I want to make!
gmjhowe (author)  scoochmaroo8 years ago
perhaps a collab?
You has design? I has laser cutter + vinyl!
gmjhowe (author)  scoochmaroo8 years ago
ULTIMATE WIN, that would actually work a treat, as I have not laser cutter goodness. I will do a Illustrator eps design like i did for Coffee's Netbook. Any preference for what we should put in the design?
Plasmana8 years ago
I like the third one the best. :-)
Goodhart8 years ago
I rather like the coo-coo clock with the butterflies actually.
bounty10128 years ago
The 3rd picture looks awesome.
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