Virginia Tech Massacre

I am guessing most of you have heard of the horrible murders that went on this morning at Virginia Tech. For those of you who do not know, just turn on your news network. I was just wondering everybody's thoughts on this horrible case.

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assasin10 years ago
I think it's terrible how the news just keeps playing the same videos over and over. This isn't a tragedy that should be televised for more than a few days, it only glorifies the killer, it gives him what he wanted: fame. The videos of him should not have been released, and all information on the killer should have been concealed to everyone other than immediate family members of the killer and victims.
Brennn10 (author)  T3h_Muffinator10 years ago
Yea, I saw an interview on TV about a man affected by the murders was intent that the media should not have let the videos out. CBS, and other news stations have lightened up on the use of the videos, so its a good start.
lemonie10 years ago
How easy is it to buy guns in that state? Our news said 18 for rifle or shotgun, and 21 for hanguns, with "criminal record checks". Over here you need much more, like membersip of a club and references for a licence. Also the cops come around to assess you gun-cabinets/safes etc. Shotguns are in a different catergory, but you might need to show your NFU card(?) It's "I don't like Mondays again"? L
I can't speak for their state... but I know my in state it's relatively easy (compared to your requirements). I do think there is a similar age restriction for shotguns and small arms. And safety equipment is not required. VT has rules against concealed weapons on campus (as does my school). Awhile back there was a push to have that rule changed - but it was taken down. Really, the last thing you want is a stressed out/loose college student with a concealed weapon during/before/after a calculus IV final exam :/
I don't have a stastistic, but roughly what percentage of the population believe they have a constitutional right to bear arms (any circumstances) under the second amendment? L
KentsOkay lemonie10 years ago
I'm part of the percentage, does that help?
lemonie KentsOkay10 years ago
Not really. But how far does your right extend? From BBs to pistols, rifles, AK's, RPGs etc - where would you draw a line? L
KentsOkay lemonie10 years ago
The problem's not really about what people own (I could build a better RPG than what the Ruskies have), the problems who owns them. A greater percentage of the arm-bearing population are law-abiding citizens. It's the small group of phicotic freaks that cause all the trouble. As long as we want to preserve our rights and keep our arms, were going to have to accept the conciquences that accompiny arms. Making it illegal to bear arms is dumb, you don't need anymore than your bare hands to kill someone.
lemonie KentsOkay10 years ago
Would you favour being able to buy RPGs at Wal-mart, so long as you could prove you weren't psychotic?
As my original comment, where do you draw a line upon rights to bear arms?

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