Virtual Web Operating System Offline( very cool)

my friend made it. it is hard to explane to just see for your self.
you should make an account.

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dsman195276 (author) 10 years ago
verson 1.2 is out !!! huray!!! there is a lot mre programs on it. still not done.
Ah I downloaded the wrong one last time... -The meebo on the frame in the side is kind of bad because there's not enough space. -The browser should be removed (browser in browser?) -Login seems kind of unnecessary at this point. But what customization options do you have in mind for the future? -I think you should just arrange all of the application icons horizontally at the top of the screen and leave and iframe at the bottom, because popups are unnecessary. Good ideas this might be pretty cool!
dsman195276 (author)  crestind9 years ago
1. it is still in developement. 2. the browser is there because it is made that you can save this thing to your memeary stick and take it with you 3. yea at this stage the login is unnessesary. 4. i wil tell bob27.
Yeah, but they're HTML files, which means the computer your using needs a browser to open, so having a browser in the application is redundant.
dsman195276 (author)  crestind9 years ago
i guess. i dont know exactly how it works.
zachninme10 years ago
I don't know... I'll look at it and tell you what I think, but in the meantime, tell your friend to setup SVN :P
I don't see why its called a "Web Operating System"... Heck, all the buttons linked to webpages, so I don't understand why it should be used offline...
bob27 zachninme10 years ago
It is called "offline" because it is not hosted on the internet, you have to download it to use it yourself.
dsman195276 (author)  zachninme10 years ago
this is my friends responce beacuse it is done in html
So? That's no excuse.
TiddlyWiki is a 1-page HTML wiki that you can download, and edit offline, all in HTML & JS.
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