Virus Alert after opening Instructables site

After opening the Instructable home page (and each page after) I received an alert from Norton 360 of a Virus on each page of the Instructables site (see included image). The virus name is Hacktool.WFPOff and its location is

I'm curious if this is a false alarm, or if it is in fact a virus on your site.

Thank you,

Picture of Virus Alert after opening Instructables site
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lebowski8 years ago
I have relocated the file so it is not accessible to anyone. We will delete it once we can confirm if it has a virus or not.

I'm a little surprised that Norton would be scanning all of the files that we host for viruses. The homepage would never call that file directly.
What file exactly are we talking. What I mean is, what does it (or should it, if it is infected) do? Just curious.
JMUBrew5 years ago
I get the same alerts from Google.  Have attached a shot of Google's "Safe Browsing diagnostic page".

Kiteman JMUBrew5 years ago
The development team know about this, and are working on it.
DJ Radio8 years ago
If a user uploaded the file here because he knew it would set off security alerts and thought it was funny, its not.

I've been reading issues of PC world lately and they say popular websites are hacked and rigged to install malware on computers that visit it.
 The (only) bad comment is about how a file uploaded by a user was blocked. That doesn't make the website bad, and the person who uploaded it probably didn't know that it contained malware.

I think someone at Instructables HQ needs to have a look at this:

We have taken care of this and asked them to re-evaluate our site.
How long should that take, because I'm still getting the same alert from Norton (although the AVG at school says it's fine).
I have no idea how long it takes Norton to re-evaluate our site and confirm that we have corrected the problem.
Hey dude, what Firefox skin do you have? Looks pretty sweet.
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