Visit to an Ithaca Pig Farm

I'm visiting my friend Jofish in Ithaca, NY, where he's finishing up his PhD at Cornell.

He's also eating some fantastic food from local farms, and took me out to see The Piggery. These cute, talkative little piglets grow up into some extremely large, happy pigs who clearly have a lovely time running about the farm. Some are kept for breeding stock, others slaughtered for use in some fabulous charcuterie.

We had Piggery sausages and pate for dinner last night - they were excellent.

I highly recommend getting to know your local farmers, and the animals they raise.
Knowing where your food comes from is a great way to know the animals have been treated humanely and fed good things, while helping to keep local family farms in business and eating some really good food.

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jadesmith7 years ago
Ithaca is a beautiful city set along the southern shore of the Cayuga Lake which runs for 40 miles, and is shadowed by gorges on both sides. When I was in the Ithaca city the Camp Trans had visited NY to host workshops, talks, and a musically decadent show at Cornell University and with the greater Ithaca communities. I had given a visit to the pig farms and met the friendly farmers.
Shoot, if I had known pigs were a novelty to you all, I could have posted about a zillion pictures of pigs, made an instructable on how to feed, neuter, birth and deworm pigs, and also how to teach them to fetch. Cows too, though they won't fetch.
I MUST know how to teach a pig to fetch! It will be entirely useless knowledge for me as I am city THROUGH AND THROUGH but O, the best kind of useless.
Goodhart rachel8 years ago
Swine are actually pretty intelligent. If one remembers the old TV show: Green Acres, one will never forget Arnold Ziffel, a multi-lingual, TV-watching pig. <br />It was reported that the pig learned very quickly, and was mostly easier to teach then the average dog. <a href=""> In case you'd like to see some of them</a>.<br /><br />
Well, my brother is actually the one who did it, but I think he just threw the stick to him over and over until he got it. I'll ask him for you, though.
and also how to teach them to fetch Cows too

I had to read this 3 times before I realized you did NOT mean that the pigs went and fetched the cows   LOL

canida (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
Hey, put it up! Most people have never lived anywhere near farm animals, and it's good to understand how things (life, food, farms) work. I at least grew up in rural Indiana, so have a decent base knowlege. ;)
altomic canida9 years ago
it's interesting. I grew up in the city and then married a girl from a beef and dairy farm. So I spent some time living there. It was very interesting doing all the farm stuff. milking, herding, separating calves from their mothers so they could be sold to the abattoir, watching the mothers and calves trying to get back to each other by franticly running up and down the dividing fence mooing to each in obvious tones of distress. That's farming. well, beef farming. I'm still a vegetarian. I don't eat meat because I'm not prepared to kill an animal myself. I don't mind if people kill their own animals. I would like to see people who have never killed an animal to consume to actually watch an animal being slaughtered. I have shot rabbits as they are pests. That is my one rule. If it is a pest/introduced species then it can be killed. and I would kill it. I live in Australia, an island, that has been environmentlly screwed by some introduced animals - rabbits, camels, goats, foxes, european carp, cane toads, etc. hey mand not to mention introduced flora. but anyway. Just a small note - I don't kill all introduced species that I see. i.e. I don't butcher dogs in parks -also I have a cat. it is introduced (from Japan) but it is stupid and doesn't harm the environment any more so than I do.
I have shot rabbits as they are pests.

Aw, what a waste. They are really good in stews... :-(
I'll do that when we get another pig (we just slaughtered our animals, so they're in the freezer now...).
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