Vista to XP upgrade help

I Started this group a while ago and never posted a topic... so I figured I'd do it now with the mass intrest in upgrading to XP. Post any questions you have about switching from Vista to XP here and I will do my best to help you out... and I'm sure several other computer savvy Instructites will as well.

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everyone see my question about vista and xp
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Vista Sucks! Get linux instead.
Vista is amazing, aside from the massive memory usage.
chaoscampbell (author)  crestind9 years ago
Vista does nothing special except suck the life out of your computer.
Have you actually used Vista? My new Vista PC boots in around 30 seconds and shuts down in 20 seconds. Not really life sucking. It uses about 600 of PF. This whole Vista thing is turning out of be everybody jumping onto the "Vista sucks" bandwagon to sound knowledgeable or something, with half of them not knowing anything about Vista (not saying you don't). I know this because people who know nothing about PCs are saying "Vista sucks" and junk like that. Vista is decently fast (I've got 2GB RAM, 1.8GHZ Dual Core), looks good, refined, has an awesome new explorer, and more fun and user friendly overall. Application hangs are also very rare, unlike in XP.
I have vista. I hate it. We had to buy so much new stuff, just because our old peripherals weren't compatible. A lot of software isn't either. Vista is too user friendly, in my opinion. To the point that it gets annoying. Navigating is much more difficult. The quick time media platform it came with like to start randomly and on it's own. It's a horrible full screen bit of software that is the only way to utilize it's built in camera.
I do agree that vista is a bit to user freindly.
You must be running some really lousy software if you get constant application hangs. That, or your XP copy was in bad need of a reinstall. I've seen this pattern a million times-

Users develop problems with their old 2-4 year old Windows installation. It gets slow, buggy, or unstable. They then buy the latest PC and proclaim the hardware and software so superior to their last one, because everything is 'fixed.' Any speed comparison they make is tainted, based on a false idea that their malfunctioning last machine was 'slow.' No consumer understands that thanks to their untrained use and abuse, every version of Windows degrades over time, requiring maintenance / cleanup / reinstallation. You think Vista will never get clogged, buggy, and slow down? Maybe you'll then switch to Windows 7, and start downtalking Vista...

I'll use an automotive analogy to exemplify things. Your PC is a car, and the OS is the fluids. After ignoring the oil, transmission, and coolant levels for two years, your car runs like crap. Myself, I'd get maintenance done regularly (or everything flushed if it's been that long), and my car would run like new. Heck, with a tune-up, it could run better than new. PC consumers do the equivalent of junking the car after 60,000 miles and buying a new one each time, saying, Wow, this runs so much better than my last car! You must all be idiots for liking or still driving that kind! Who's the ignorant one here?

As far as eye candy and your system specs- I think every Vista enthusiast needs to stare at the attached picture for at least five minutes before saying anything. And now, understand something. That isn't Vista- it's Windows XP on my three-year-old+ work box. How groundbreaking is this new look if my obsolete old machine can have all these 'worth the bloat' features, still running fast & smooth?

I maintain my PCs very well, and it's nothing near "untrained use and abuse". I even have an XP Optimization Instructable, if you take a look. Everybody seems to assume that because my XP lags, it was a failure on my part to maintain it... And no, I didn't buy a new PC because my XP box "had problems". I'm not that ignorant. It was a great deal, if you see below. Lousy software - Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Firefox? Hardly lousy. Not frequently, but maybe once a week, these programs (mostly Firefox), will have a momentary "Not Responding" hiccup if I open too many tabs. This happens most frequently when I'm on Engadget, which is kind of strange. Yes, I did see your Instructable, Charred. Transformation packs are nice, but it doesn't provide the overall level of refinement Vista does. I'm sensing some hate towards the Vista user :'( General accusations of me failing to maintain the PC.
Sorry; we assume it's failure on your part because it contradicts our experience. When XP runs smoothly and without issue on an old Pentium III 1GHz machine, I wonder what it is you were using or doing that gave you such problems.

Photoshop (if you're using it to its fullest extent) can cause any machine to pause. When busy swapping huge segments of memory about, it can even momentarily lock up and show 'not responding,' as you describe. How often this happens, and to what degree is dependent on your hardware. You improved the situation by improving your machine- that's no Vista miracle. Unless you try XP on that same PC and get worse results, you're comparing apples and oranges.

Firefox has severe (and well-documented) memory issues when opening several tabs. Don't blame your OS for something your application does. This publicized issue is one of the major concerns they are addressing with the currently in beta Firefox 3. Don't get me wrong, Firefox is a browser godsend. But don't think it's perfect just because it's the best option.

I guess we have different concepts of the word 'refinement' ;) Sure, it would be nice if these features were embedded instead of third party add-ons. But not at the cost it takes in resources.

I have no hate toward the Vista user. If it works for you, that's great. For a lot of consumers, the mantra "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies very well, and I support that. Those who think it's 'too much trouble' to switch to XP definitely shouldn't be doing so. For the educated or semi-geeky user that wants the most out of their money or hardware... I'm happy to share information.
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