Visual map of the top 288,945 most visited websites.

I just found this absolutely astonishing piece by NMAP that visually shows the top 288,945 most visited websites on the web. Yes, I know what you are wondering, and instructables is on there. They included a search box, so you can find your favorite sites. Just make sure you put in a "www." and a ".com", otherwise the search won't work. Enjoy!

Via Engadget
Source NMAP

Picture of Visual map of the top 288,945 most visited websites.
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happyjo7 years ago
OH my!!!
lemonie7 years ago

It's small...


dombeef lemonie7 years ago
But not as small as other sites...
lemonie dombeef7 years ago

Well no. But in terms of "being there" it's a bit smaller than I expected.

dombeef lemonie7 years ago
Yeah. but, it was results from people with a specific toolbar so a lot of people including me wont be included in this image. That explains why it is so small
lemonie dombeef7 years ago
Yes, that would explain something.


dombeef lemonie7 years ago
Kiteman7 years ago
We're here (just beside the two little people below the blue X in the bottom-left corner...)
Instructables highlighted.jpg