Voltage of iPod Battery

Ah, so I have this iPod Shuffle Gen 2 (which I really dislike, I won it in a contest), and I would like to know what the voltage of the li-ion battery inside is or about is. I don't know if anyone knows, any help would be nice. Thanks!

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I hope youre not thinking of just using the battery out of it..at least sell it, then buy a battery and have money left over.
Bran (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
Ha, no. If that was the case I'd just Dremel it and find out. I'm gonna use it until the battery doesn't hold a charge (which I believe is after about 500 recharges) then Dremel the case open and get another battery and just make my own case. I just figured I'd get a headstart on things.
LasVegas Bran10 years ago
That's 500 full recycle charges. If you run the battery only 1/4 empty, that would be 1/4 charge. That should take you, under normal use, 3+ years to do. Even after the 500 full charges, the battery will be at 80% capacity. Far from dead.
Bran (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
Ha, there always is a flaw in my plans. Well, maybe the player might ï ally" get "slightly" beat up, eventually.
VIRON10 years ago
Li-ion batteries are 3.6 volts and I think the ipod only has one.
Brennn1010 years ago
I am pretty sure the limit for an Ipod is 5 Volts.
Bran (author)  Brennn1010 years ago