Voltage regulator for trailer brakes

Im planning on building a motorized trailer dolly for my travel trailer, however i want to make a dead mans switch for the trailer brakes. 
I was wondering if I took apart an old cordless drill if I could use the trigger as a voltage regulator to regulate the voltage to the trailer brake system.  Without getting into specifics of how it will connect to the regulator, I figure I would have like a bike brake handle that while applied the trailer brakes would be off, but if released that the trailer brakes would be applied incase the trailer started to roll away from you.
Any suggestions other than "Go buy a trailer brake controller" would be appreciated! :)

Thunderbone (author) 3 months ago

awesome! Thanks for the help. I'll definitely be testing it on level paved grouMD where the winch brake should be able to stop the trailer effortlessly.

Toga_Dan3 months ago

How much current do the brakes pull? If within the specs of the drill control, it should be ok.

Nonetheless, test it in a spot that your life doesn't depend upon the brakes

grayhairguy3 months ago

I assume the travel trailer has 12 volt electric brake system? If the cordless drill was about 12 volt, then connecting the output from the drill trigger to the brake system, should engage the trailer brakes. Test carefully!