Volume of gas from given weight of dry ice?

I'm rusty on basic chem. specifically, molarity, molecular weight...

Dry ice, frozen CO2 is sold by the pound. I'd like to know by working formulas, how much volume a pound of dry ice will fill once it returns to gas.

Carbon has molecular weight ~ 12.  Oxygen ~16.  But I don't recall what those numbers represent.

One mole of gas occupies 22.4 liters, but how much does a mole of CO2 weigh?

Toga_Dan (author) 3 years ago

thanks, folks.

i was really drawing a blank.

One KG of dry ice makes about 541 liters of gas....
Taken from the Linde MDS sheets for safe handling.

verence3 years ago

Just from the back of my memory (chemistry lessons are soooo long ago):

Molecular (weight) mass gives you the gramms one mole of the stuff weighs. Okay, that's technically totally wrong, confusing mass and weight, ignoring isotopes, pressure, temperature bla bla etc. etc., but good enough for house hold chemistry.

The molar mass of CO2 is about 44g/mol, so 44g of CO2 should give you 22.4l od gas under standard conditions.