Volunteers: Introduce yourself

This is a place for the volunteers from the new volunteer group to introduce themselves and how they can offer advice/help, if they haven't already done that. I'll start. I know a lot about coffee. Roasting, brewing, serving, etc. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about coffee, or coffee related machines. (roasters, airpot brewers, espresso machines, etc.) I've also been doing a lot with biodiesel, and I can offer advice on that subject. (Instructables coming as soon as I finish them)

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zaronas5 years ago
im great with taking apart things and iscovering how they work

im great at diagnosing problems

im great at making something specific work out of parts from habbitat for humanity (great store)

im great at learning about your new thing quickly
Kiteman zaronas5 years ago
Welcome to the Volunteers Group!
zaronas Kiteman5 years ago
thank you
Bot13985 years ago
I joined the group and I am good at electronics
..and grammar!
I have a lot of experience in renovations:
Electrical, plumbing, tiling, removing walls, creating doorways, plastering and restoration of furniture.
kcls7 years ago
Hi! I just joined the group and I am good at:
  • Basic electronics (led's, resistors, wiring, batteries, not micro-controllers)
  • Proof-reading instructables
  • Cooking
  • Fixing computer problems
Glad to be of assistance!

sunshiine kcls6 years ago
Hi there Kcls!
I recently came across a member who is really interested in making his ibles the best he can. Would you be so kind to look at his recent ible and give him some ideas on how to improve it? I thank you in advance!

Personally I think he is doing a great job but I think he can polish it to be really good!
Here is the link! https://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-clothespin-catapult/

Have you thought of joining the Volunteers yourself?
Yes, actually. I just found this today. I recently subscribed to this person and offered what little help I can, but I have not mastered instructables to the point I feel confident enough right now. I am still learning. I would love to see instructables offer a spell checker on our page. I think they would receive a lot more featured worthy projects if they did.
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