I know you dudes have to sell advertising to make this work, but the whole page seems to be funded by the G.O.P. As a voter who has been seriously scorched by the G.O.P. in the lat 8 years, let me link to the DemocraticParty. org for a bit of even-handedness...

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I just keep getting ads about this fab-u-lous new diet that works for everyone! This is what happens to me on every other site too. The whole internet thinks me to be fat. ;) I am, however, really excited about going to vote tomorrow. I think I'm going to walk down there as soon as I wake up!
Oh, I know. But jessy, did you know you and I can eliminate all unsightly wrinkles and bulges and become attractive again if only we use the special cream?!?! I HAVE to use this!!
Don't forget popping just six pills a day to increase your bust size to a DD!
they need to put in the disclaimer for women only, because mine didn't work. D=
don't get me wrong, they still worked, just to single d's i was sad but then I woke up
. Forget the cream and start dating the myopic.
Mmmm....body image issues. Damn you, magazine and entertainment industry! "Walk down there"? You mean you haven't voted already? Most elections, I vote in my bathrobe on some Saturday or Sunday in October, with a nice mug of coffee at my elbow (oh, darn, just knocked it over...). I think that I've only missed one or two elections (including the primaries!) in the past 15+ years.
I never vote early, really. I always go the day of. :) Don't know why. I guess it's a bit more epic that way. Perhaps I should put some theme music on my iPod tomorrow. Oh, actually, I already have The Final Countdown on there. Nevermind. :D
Don't forget Ecstasy of Gold, and Summer Overture.
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