Vote for the possible Knex war in Utrecht, Holland (See KnexInnovation)

ok here are some wonderful adresses in Utrecht:
- Speeltuin Hoograven, Verlengde Hoogravenseweg 2a 3525BG Utrecht
- Speeltuin Transwijk, Europalaan, 3526KP Utrecht (This is more an open field, it's just what you prefer...)
- Speeltuin Noordsepark, Lagenoord 28a, 3513GW Utrecht
- Operettelaan, Utrecht (There are a few little playgrounds but LOTS of open fields like i said, it's just what you prefer

Copy them into Google Maps (after that you have to zoom in and click ''Street view'' or drag the yellow doll) or Google Earth to see where they are. You can also search for some foto's on Google.

You guys can vote on your favorite playground in Utrecht, ONLY if you participate! And you can also see if you participate after you looked at this topic... Good Luck! 

(EDIT: new Secondary's and Primary's will come! ^^)

(EDIT: new Secondary's and Primary's!)

Picture of Vote for the possible Knex war in Utrecht, Holland (See KnexInnovation)
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when is this war?
H1T4TCH1 (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)6 years ago
the voting and all that things are kinda dead right now... we actually should dicuss the date if we have enough people, and we dont have enough people, so we're not voting...
i live in holland how can i vote??
H1T4TCH1 (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)6 years ago
i posted it on knex innovation two months ago, search it or something or type here wich playground you like :)
- Operettelaan, Utrecht
jij kan wel nederlands hea?
H1T4TCH1 (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)6 years ago
nee ik niet nederlands kunnen, maar nederlands tog mijn goedste taal is!


ik zal em erbij zetten...
jij kan beter engels
H1T4TCH1 (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)6 years ago
Ja, dat is waar maar dat ligt er ook een beetje aan hoe oud je bent... Maar ik heb altijd al goed engels gesproken hoor ;-)
ik ben 11 jaar oud
H1T4TCH1 (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)6 years ago
ok ik 13 en een half ;-)
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