I think you may have the start and end date mixed up for voting.

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ultimatesx99 years ago
if this a reply to a forum thread, please dont make another thread as a reply, click the reply button.
Um.. he put this in the right place. He is trying to tell the admins. that the dates are messed up look. Contest is now accepting entries! Enter yours now! VOTING STARTS: Oct 26, 2008 VOTING ENDS: Oct 25, 2008
Thanks for the heads up about this. Fixed now.
Noname23 (author)  Burning Questions9 years ago
No problem, if there is already a question that has been answered with an Instructable can you still enter yours?
Absolutely! Just make sure you do a really good job on yours because we'll only be picking one winner per question.
Thanks for the heads up - fixed now.