Voting and Judging

im kind of new to the contest scene, but how significant is voting in comparison to judging? or vice-versa? What decides the winners, and is there anything i should know about either? thanks

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Samuel C8 years ago
Top 10 most voted will be the finanists, along with another 10 tht is picks by the staff. Then from the 20 finalists, the judges will pick 12 winners.
Marsh8 years ago
I would say to just do your best. Any of us who would even enter a contest would like to win it. Being too concerned with the winner selection process may show in your work and that would probably detract from your effort. Make your project the best it can be, do it with heartfelt passion and you'll be a winner whether you get the brass ring or not.
Coliflower (author)  Marsh8 years ago
thanks, nice answer
sharlston8 years ago
i think members vote then the top 10 or something will get picked by the staff
Coliflower (author)  sharlston8 years ago
i guess... but this contest has 12 winner spots.
well the top 12 will get picked form the staff
lemonie8 years ago
The judges decide the winners, form a shortlist created by the voting process I believe.
Theory: it it gets enough votes it's in the running for a prize. The judging picks the best of these (weeding-out erroneous / manipulated voting).