WANTED: Empty Nitrous Cartriges for Art Installation

I am a college sculpture student in need of 6,000+ EMPTY whipped cream chargers for my next assignment. I plan on building an enclosed space with the chargers adding texture to the walls.
My project is due at the end of November, and my local Starbucks is only going through 2+ per day. If anyone has these lying around (I  know some must have thousands...) please message me and I will arrange to have them shipped.
Thank you!!

Picture of WANTED: Empty Nitrous Cartriges for Art Installation
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3rdParty5 years ago
I have around 3000 XD seems like it may be a little late now though :S
Rufus313 (author)  3rdParty5 years ago
It's not too late! If I could get them in the next week or so that would be AMAZING.
Ian015 years ago
I don't have any, but you might try asking here.
Moem Ian015 years ago
Lan01, please check your inbox. :-)
Lucky7x75 years ago
I'd suggest manufacturers of cartridges also try co2 manufacturers Ex Crosman
Or local gun range if they have an air rifle range.
crapflinger5 years ago
probably not the advice you're looking for but.......if you live in a town with a lot of teenagers in it...you might want to find where the "less than average" achievers tend to hang out after school/curfew....i'd place a wager that you'll find stacks of them laying around. places like under bridges, behind walmarts, stuff like that.