WANTED: Supplies for a school project

I am making a green watering system for a vertical garden at my school. The design involves a 55gal. drum with an autonomous solar pump unit designed to water the plants on a regular basis. I have a pretty good idea what is involved and what supplies I need, the list is as follows.

X1 - car battery (for power storage)
X1 - watertight box (to hold battery and other electronics)
X1 - DC water pump (to power the drip system)
X1 - Electric timer (to control when the pump comes on)
X1 - solar panel (sufficient to charge the battery)
X1 - charge controller?
Some lumber and PVC

Feel free to ask any questions or make a suggestions.
                                 Thanks, CKGarside

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Goodhart5 years ago
in some parts of the USA, there is a program called FreeCycle, where you can ask for and supply things for free. Nothing is ALLOWED to be sold there.
ckgarside (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Thanks, ill try it out
ckgarside (author) 5 years ago
Right. My school is Palisades Charter High School in Pacific Palisades Califonia, zip 90272
blkhawk5 years ago
You can reasonably expect people close to you to donate these materials. It is expensive to have them delivered to you.
Kiteman5 years ago
Are you asking people to supply these items?

If so, you'd better include some extra details, starting with where your school is located.