WANTED!! large frensal lenses, parabolic lenses(concave), and projection TV's

i need some parabolic lenses, frensal lenses, and projection TV's to make a death ray from thanks

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Eye Poker5 years ago
Check out greenpoweredscience. They have what ya need.

Ev5 years ago
A few thoughts....
I have a 3' x 4' fresnel lens. Got it from a TV repair shop for a few bucks. Try CraigsList under FREE. People give away their rear projection sets. Be prepared to dispose of the remaining cabinet. The lens of the projector tube may be useful to bend the light, but will overheat quickly. Use a gardener's spray bottle to see the converging light rays. They diverge right after the focal point, so a flat mirror will only change the direction of diverging rays. Glass light fiber will capture the concentrated light. There are building lighting systems that use the technique. Unknown if the heat energy is lost bouncing around the fibers. Solartubes are 12" diameter mirrored tubes that move sunlight light from the roof into dark hallways. Have fun! I haul my lens out several times a year to burn holes through bottle caps and melt a few pennies. Protect your eyes, don't leave it unattended. Oh, Green Energy on YouTube has a bunch of videos of solar death rays.
Kiteman6 years ago
Scrounge around for retired overhead projectors, which have a large Fresnel lens and one or two decent glass lenses in them.

nurdee1 Kiteman5 years ago
Any ideas of were to find old overhead projectors for free.
Kiteman nurdee15 years ago
Any local school might have them left in storage after switching to digital projectors.
ostomesto (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
bonjour je cherche un génie pour construire robot
ostomesto (author)  Izee_guerre_etoile6 years ago
pourquoi avez-vous dit "bonjour je cherche un génie pour construire robot"

J'ai utilisé Google Translate haha

i used google translate to talk to frenchie here haha
caitlinsdad6 years ago
I'll throw in some big mirrors and put in a recommendation for the Darwin Award.
ostomesto (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Huh? ( confused look on face)
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