WAT.1 paper airplane contest [closed]

WAT.>1 paper airplane contest [closed]

New Contest: WAT.>1 Contest - This contest is simple, make a paper airplane, put the link in the comment and see if you have won or not! Prize: 1st Free Windows 7 Ultimate Activation Key Code, 2nd Free Microsoft Office 2010 Professional, 3rd Be a Extream Member of our group! Runners Ups Prizes: A Bronze Medal handed out by OrigamiAirEnforcer.

  The contest ends at the 29th July 2011.

To enter: Go to the comment [below] and put in the link of the instructables and you might want to put up you image to stand out and a comment about it.

1st: Free Windows 7 Ultimate Activation Key Code and a Gold Medal to be handed out from OrigamiAirEnforcer to the 1st prize person.
2nd: Free Microsoft Office 2010 Professional and a  Silver Medal to be handed out from   OrigamiAirEnforcer to the 2nd prize person.
3rd: Be a Extream Member of the Paper airplane builders [Club and group] 2 2011 group and a  Bronze Medal to be handed out from   OrigamiAirEnforcer to the 3rd prize person.
Runners Ups: A Bronze Medal to be handed out from   OrigamiAirEnforcer.

You needed to make any paper airplane but it got to be good as it can be and it has to be in the instructable.

  Final Date: 28th July 2011.
  Review Date 29th July 2011

Since vishalapar is the only one to enter it, he will get the taking part prize.

Picture of WAT.1 paper airplane contest [closed]
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vishalapr6 years ago
Lol Am I the only entry in this?!
wat. (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
vishalapr wat.6 years ago
so will I get the first prize?!
wat. (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
well it's a diffrent prize now, since your the only one, it will be the taking part prize, it might be in tommorow.
Aerofan wat.6 years ago
what is that?
vishalapr wat.6 years ago
Will I at least get a patch?!
vishalapr6 years ago
Here is my entry!


Are the winners going to get any patches?
wat. (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
Firstable, it is hard to follow, secondable, I need to test it but it is hard to follow so can you make step 3 a lot easyer to follow.
vishalapr wat.6 years ago
I am going to add a video soon which will show how to make the thing!
wat. (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
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