Water rockets! Who doesn' t love them. Cheap, easy, safe, fast....

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comodore (author) 9 years ago
Does any one know an easy way to fire a water rocket? Some mechanism?
I ve made an instructable just like kite man has explianed
please go to https://www.instructables.com/id/Professional-water-rocket-guide/
comodore (author)  oscarthompson8 years ago
Rubber bung + football inflation spike.

Heat a nail to red heat with a blowtorch (hold it in pliers!)

Push the nail through the bung, pull it out and immediately push the inflation spike through.

When the rubber cools and sets, it will make a good seal around the spike.

Fit the spike to a footpump, wedge it in the rocket, prop the rocket up on some bricks and pump!

When the pressure gets high enough to push the bung out, the rocket will go.

You get wet, but it works.
Hey your in this forum

I have set a water rocket challange for all instructable members got to

https://www.instructables.com/group/waterrocketchallenge/ to view it
comodore (author)  oscarthompson8 years ago
Thanks for the Invite! :D
That's just like mine except using a valve for any truck/car rim will always be easier (make damn sure to remove the valve core, they usually come with them in but taking them out involves five seconds of screwing)
CyrusII9 years ago
would steam be a good propellant? like the steam machine gun in mythbusters that cranked out pretty good, or is liquid H-2-O better
comodore (author)  CyrusII9 years ago
uses compressed air usually, steam might work but would be a waste of time and effort for the same results (unless the bottle gone soft under heat then you'd be blowing a massive plastic bubble...)
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