I like grilling fruit but this has gone too far, why didnt someone not add any other grilled fruit,now really?

suayres5 years ago
Have you tried plums? If you're going to grill them, you want them firm-ripe, not at the so-ripe-&-juicy-the-juice-runs-down-your-arms stage. You can grill bananas if you slice them in half lengthwise and peel them after they're done. Really soft fruits don't generally grill well, because they fall apart, so you wouldn't want to do, say, mangoes or papayas. Citrus wouldn't work, except for quickly grilling a halved lemon or lime to squeeze over your chicken or fish or whatever. I suppose you could grill thickly sliced apples or pears, and then top with caramel sauce.

I like to grill both peaches and pineapple. Both grill very well, but will burn if you don’t pay attention. I like to marinate peaches in balsamic vinegar and teriyaki sauce is great on pineapple.

happyjo6 years ago
Have you had plain grilled pineapple?