WD40 The wonder spray, as it can be used for.....

I just finished looking at a post about why not to use WD40 or similar products on you pedal bike chain, and I agree with that, as WD40 t is not a lube, it is a cleaner and nut unsticking liquid. I also have heard of people using it as a drying agent to get water out of hard to reach places. WD40 can be used for other things of course, and I am curious as to how many things people use it for. I have used it as a tool cleaner in the past when I worked underground. One shift I found a 12" crescent wrench in a pile of mud. It was dirty, rusty and generally looked like poo. Interestingly if was the exact color of poo too. First I blasted it with compressed air to get the bulk of the mud and crusty rust off. Then I soaked it down with a can of WD40, and blasted it with air again. The improvement in appearance was amazing. The wrench now looked quite good. I repeated this 2 more times. I then oiled it and added it too my tool belt. That wench was better than the one I had on my belt. I used that technique on numerous tools and dirty machine parts after that. Next person with a novel use for WD40 please, and thank you. Zipperboy aka adventureboy7 aka Phil

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Deek D7 years ago
cologne? lol....

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ry259207 years ago
 Didn't you know thats what WD stands for? It stands for Wonder... :P
Kiteman8 years ago
There are officially over 2000 uses.
zipperboy (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
 So you like to count.  Excellent
I can count to ten.

(months since you posted this topic)
lemonie8 years ago
Be careful between "wrench" and "wench", the meanings are rather different... L (makes a nice smelly flame-thrower)
zipperboy (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 adventureboyseven@hotmail.com know a better way to make ah the flame thrower.  The cost small.  The risk large.  The fuel gasoline.  Do you dare.

Depends on the size of your sak or uterus.  Will I share the risky know how.  Hmmm.

Guess we will have to wait and see.  Later

I tried it on my wench yesterday and she definitely didn't look better or work without making a horrible screeching noise!!!!
: ) It's wonderful stuff. L
Works great to remove window tint adhesive.
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