We need more entries for the robot contest so if you have an idea don't be held back. If you are young (still in school) and have an idea but no money ask your parents the'll usually be happy to help with funds and contruction. So... GET CRACKING! XD

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So who won? What is up with all of the delays on this contest. I know there were not a lot of entries but those that did enter would like to hear something besides the weeks and weeks of delays with no explination at all.
Maybe they no longer have prizes?

Plus, 'judging ends on Aug 6th' doesn't mean 'winners announced Aug 6th' =P

(I'm just poking fun, thats all)
The judging originally was to end on July 22. On July 22 it was moved to July 29. On July 29 it was moved to August 6. Now it is August 7 and the contest page has a link that says "View the Winners and Finalists!" If you click on that page and you get the same page that has been up from the beginning of the contest - without a list of winners or finalists. I wonder what the heck is going on. I am sort of new to Instructables so I don't know if this is normal or not.
This happened for the iRobot Create contest too . . . they kept extending deadlines . . .

There is of course the chance that winners were already contacted . . . or perhaps the harddrive that stored to votes died and they are trying to recover it =P
canadians can't go to the thing in 09, so if u'r caniadian(like me) theres not much point in entering:(
well if you are out of US , are you disqualified from the entire grand prize package ( like VIP pass, etc. ) and does the grand prize then go to the runner up? one more day !
duck-lemon (author)  ranger_steve8 years ago
yeah i'm in New Zealand and i've got the same problem but i'll still enter.
You can still win the other prizes.

I think - at least, the rules don't say you can't
we can enter it and it doesn't say that canadians and people from new zeland etc... cant enter but, if we did win they wouldn't pay airfare.
Well, if you can win things, I must be able too -- your farther away!
duck-lemon (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
yeah i think it's only the big prize you can't win
Howdy, Did my part. I have three entries in the contest, although my primary is the fischertechnik Easter Egg Robot.
Erobots8 years ago
JellyWoo8 years ago
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
If you tell us where to get parts on the cheap/free, I'm sure more people will build them. ( I've seen an Instructable on how to make a completely free robot, free samples, but i can't find it now!) I really hate paying for shipping, i would love to buy a $2 part and not pay $5 shipping >: /
=SMART=8 years ago
Im no good at robots :(
Damn, they changed the deadline, I'm making a robot right now, but taught it was too late so I didn't take pictures to make a 'ible about it...
Ok, I decided to enter my robot. I designed it in CAD, it has two arms, and can do neat tracking stuff with the camera.
I just added a new video to my instructable. Robot camera tracking!

Wow! that is a really cool robot you made there! I like it!
Firebert0108 years ago
It's a shame. The contest really only affects a select few people who know about robotics. I wish I knew more about it so I could make an entry. It's just too specific, not enough general-knowledge to really affect too many people.
Well it's possible to build a robot no problems but the problem is not many people feel like building one, It would be easy enough to build a good robot but not one that id something useful as such...
The "Individuality Bot" that artqny just posted is a nice example that you don't really need the sophisticated technical robotics skills to enter this contest - just a bit of imagination!

I saw it, I liked that idea quite a lot...
PM me if you want to know my idea.

Maybe we can do a collaboration of some sort?

Maybe an easy robot. :P
Yeah that would be totally cool. It's a shame I have less time on the site now that I've started work for this year.
Just wondering, do you have AIM?
I do, but I'm very rarely on. Paraplegic Shark if you feel like adding me. I mostly text on my phone. I haven't actively used AIM for like a year lol.
Well use the AIM on your phone. :-) I hope the "rarely on" will change... :P
You don't have to make autonomous beasties, or even radio-controlled. It can be wire controlled, or even just switch-on-and-go-forwards.

If you can think of a cool way of moving, or a really easy way to make a bodyshell from recycled (i.e. free) materials, then that's all you have to do.

I could genuinely see a single articulated leg, built of card, Lego or K'Nex and moved by hand as a demonstration piece being the winner of the movement section on grounds of imagination, originality or potential.
Hey, there were some really great low-tech entries in the earlier iRobot Create Challenge. Technoplastique's painting robot is a nice example.

Don't want to start from scratch? Buy a $10 remote controlled car or two and frankenstein them into something cool.

If you know just a little of electronics, you should be able to rig up an improvised bump sensor and/or light sensor, and have it drive/walk/fly on its own.

Heck, if you make enough of a splash in the Aesthetics or Reuse & Recycling, you could be in the prizes without even having a functioning robot! Knowledge of robotics will probably help, but is not actually required...
guyfrom7up8 years ago
I was going to make a robot, but as school was wrapping up i was too busy with testing and other stuff. I was really looking forward to doing this contest though...
I would have entered mine but I already entered it in a previous contest making it ineligible
Quickeagle8 years ago
in the left colunm of robotic inspirations whats the second from top?
If you mean the little guy below, that's the Symet beam bot - essentially just a solar cell, charging three capacitors, and periodically discharging through a little motor.
yes perfect, thanks you!
Can I enter a few robots? I have some great robots I have made, and I am willing to share them with ye.
Sure - go for it!
Goodhart8 years ago
If you are young (still in school) and have an idea but no money ask your parents the'll usually be happy to help with funds and contruction.

LOL I am old and don't have the money, but I do have a few ideas.
and just maybe I have the stuff in my junk (um) box. :-)
=SMART=8 years ago
im thinking about entering but i think some people are making huge monster robot instructables and are taking there time, so if i do make one and then they post theirs mine will look crap and it will have been a waste of time.
Patrik =SMART=8 years ago
Alright, to counter the "robotics is hard and expensive" comments, here are a bunch of examples of very cheap and easy projects, which I think would fit nicely with this competition. (Some of these are actual entries in the competition - no endorsement is implied...)

Not that I'm urging you to copy one of these, mind you - just to show what's possible, and maybe stir up some ideas...

knex battle bots
K'nex Programmable Automaton

BEAM bots:
Symet beam bot
How to Build a Robot - The BeetleBot
[http://www.instructables.com/id/Beware-of-the-horrible-pumpkin-bots-..../ Beware of the horrible pumpkin bots]

VIBRO bots (really just a recent BEAM bot flavor):
Itty Bitty Vibrobot
Snailbot Build Night
Walking on water: start building a StriderBot

More inspiration:
Micro RC Car Teardown
picoo Z hovercraft case
Give the gift of Robot Invasion
CloroxBot Recycled Giant Robot Costume!
Simple Animatronics (robotic hand)
Evil Robot of Doom!
It won't be a waste of time if you enjoy making it. If it is easy to do, a lot of people will make one like yours (after seeing yours, of course) Sometimes the most simple things are the best! I say go for it! Hey - you never know....
Th3 pyr08 years ago
If you cant go to the robogames ill have your tickets JK
dunnos8 years ago
i always make stuff of things i could find or had lying around my parents wont buy this kind of stuff for me unless its for my birthday and thats 8 november :( i'd love to go into robotics though
Brennn108 years ago
I might try to find some instructions on the web, and then add my flavoring to it to make it totally unique. Then again, as a teenager who is not old enough for a steady job... my income is not high enough to sustain a hobby of robotics.
Check out BEAM robotics - things like solar-rollers, headbots and the like.

In the purest form, they are built from the gutted innards of dead electronics (walkmans, VCRs and the like). Solar engines can be built with new-bought parts for very little.

I built a headbot from the remains of a cassette-player, and have the main parts for a sumobot sitting in a box waiting for space and inclination.

Essential reading by the inventor of BEAM
Wikipedia entry with more links
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago
Or look into stiquito.
LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
Not my parents....