We need more entries for the robot contest so if you have an idea don't be held back. If you are young (still in school) and have an idea but no money ask your parents the'll usually be happy to help with funds and contruction. So... GET CRACKING! XD

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So who won? What is up with all of the delays on this contest. I know there were not a lot of entries but those that did enter would like to hear something besides the weeks and weeks of delays with no explination at all.
Maybe they no longer have prizes?

Plus, 'judging ends on Aug 6th' doesn't mean 'winners announced Aug 6th' =P

(I'm just poking fun, thats all)
The judging originally was to end on July 22. On July 22 it was moved to July 29. On July 29 it was moved to August 6. Now it is August 7 and the contest page has a link that says "View the Winners and Finalists!" If you click on that page and you get the same page that has been up from the beginning of the contest - without a list of winners or finalists. I wonder what the heck is going on. I am sort of new to Instructables so I don't know if this is normal or not.
This happened for the iRobot Create contest too . . . they kept extending deadlines . . .

There is of course the chance that winners were already contacted . . . or perhaps the harddrive that stored to votes died and they are trying to recover it =P
canadians can't go to the thing in 09, so if u'r caniadian(like me) theres not much point in entering:(
well if you are out of US , are you disqualified from the entire grand prize package ( like VIP pass, etc. ) and does the grand prize then go to the runner up? one more day !
duck-lemon (author)  ranger_steve9 years ago
yeah i'm in New Zealand and i've got the same problem but i'll still enter.
You can still win the other prizes.

I think - at least, the rules don't say you can't
we can enter it and it doesn't say that canadians and people from new zeland etc... cant enter but, if we did win they wouldn't pay airfare.
Well, if you can win things, I must be able too -- your farther away!
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