WIN A FREE RECURVE BOW!!! enter now!

I am giving away a 50lb two piece takedown recurve bow. To see a video showing this bow and describing the contest look at this URL:

Here is where you go to post the link to your project:!viewer-projects/c1qmm
The prize for this contest is 1 ~50lb two piece takedown PVC recurve bow with camo paint as shown in the video. If there are at least 250 entries then a there will also be a second prize, two takedown aluminum pocket arrows.

To enter, post a link to one of your cool projects on my website on the "Share Your Projects" page!viewer-projects/c1qmm
The project you post a link to needs to be either a youtube video or an instructable on
The topic of the project you link to should be somewhat related to the topics on my website, cool technologies basically. The topic part will be loosely judged.
When you post the link to your project, also put the URL of your youtube page below it. I need this to message you if you win, and to confirm you are subscribed to me on youtube if you win. YOU MUST BE SUBSCRIBED to my youtube channel (JaycubL) to win.

The winner will be chosen randomly from the entrants by drawing a name from a can. Each person can only enter once. The name(s) will be drawn 15 days after the 75th contest entry is made. If you are in the USA I will send you the item completely free (winner will need to provide a shipping address). Outside the USA I will contact the winner to see if they are willing to cover part of the shipping cost. If they won't pay for part of the shipping another winner will be drawn.

Picture of WIN A FREE RECURVE BOW!!! enter now!
50lb 2 piece bow 008.JPG
50lb 2 piece bow 007.JPG
redrua1 year ago
I am wondering how muct the shipment cost to Turkey?
Jaycub (author)  redrua1 year ago
Same as for the UK, the portion I would ask you to pay is $30 USD
Kiteman1 year ago
Gosh, that's very generous of you!
Jaycub (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Do you plan to be entered in the drawing?
Kiteman Jaycub1 year ago
Any idea how much it would cost to mail it to the UK?
Jaycub (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
The best price I have found is $45 USD so I would ask for $30 USD to ship there.
Kiteman Jaycub1 year ago