W.I.P Battle Rifle

Incase if you don't know what W.I.P Means it means Work In Process yes i will soon release a Battle Rifle to replace the Assault Rifle (its not a 3 round burst it only shoots 3 ammo at once kinda like a shotgun) it is pretty cool exept that you can see that little hole in the number area


well im sorry to say that i've been so busy that i dont think il be able to release it, but if you still want to use it then first, download Halo Trial and after you install it, go to the Halo Filefront place (in google search: Halo Files) then in the search bar type in: Halo 2 Mod for Halo Trial (NOTE: there will be 2 so click on 1 of them and if you see red letters and a link to a new version then click it)

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Raiden977 years ago
whats so good about halo trial?
SonicX 22 (author)  Raiden977 years ago
well whats better about Halo Trial than Halo 1 is that when you make mods for it, it wont crash as much as halo 1 does (like you can import Halo Custom Edition Tags without the game crashing, or replace maps EG: BloodGulch turns into Coagulation or something)

Are you even WORKING on this? I've waited months and am loosing  patience!

SonicX 22 (author)  Halomaster2227 years ago
Did you read my update...
You almost done with it?
SonicX 22 (author)  Halomaster2228 years ago
man havent you ever heard of patient if you rush me it might be a hard instructable But unfortinatley i wont have it out that fast, for i am going camping this wendsday
You done yet? it's been almost 2 months now...
SonicX 22 (author)  Halomaster2228 years ago
holy crap i forgot all about this!!!!!!! man

and its kinda hard to get a Battle Rifle

unless you have been using HMT for like years (i've been using it for like 3 years)
Sweet, I can't wait. Is there one for an smg?
SonicX 22 (author)  Halomaster2228 years ago
Yes but it kinda doesnt look like one and it will replace the Pistol
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