I got a new knex set today. I got the double-sawblade ride. Now I get a whole **** load of blue rods, yellow rods, gray rods, and especially red rods (I only had 6 red rods before I got this set.)

And I get much more yellow, white, blue, green, and gray connectors too. I think I may be able to build the sear rifle I have been hyping up in the chatroom for some time now.

but This isnt really an end to my part limitations. I did not get a whole lot of short green rods, and the connectors only took one bag. Now my 550 tub is overflowing with the knex parts I have.

Double sawblade is a good part booster.

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knexguy8 years ago
Looks like all minis with 3ds in between and some yellow connectors on the boom arm :s
DJ Radio (author)  knexguy8 years ago
no, there are hardly any minis.
benboy2078 years ago
But doesnt it have a lot of micro knex?
DJ Radio (author)  benboy2078 years ago
not a lot. it does have micro knex, but not a lot.
Do you think maybe you could tell me the part count?
DJ Radio (author)  benboy2078 years ago
I mean the amount of each part. It's on the first page of the instructions.
DJ Radio (author)  benboy2078 years ago
oh. I dont read the instructions because I dont build whatever the box wants me to build.
And you're so used to not reading the instructions that you're eyes will burn at the sight of it even when you're only looking for the piece count upon a request?
DJ Radio (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
? that didnt make sense....
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