This looks like both fun and exhilerating.....but I have such a poor communication ability with people face to face.....I don't know if I COULD assemble a team.  But the idea is AWESOME !

Goodhart (author)  khushivis1 year ago
Yes and I don't remember where I borrowed it from....
CapitanZpk1 year ago
Nice post, and very good idea joining instructables and The Deconstruction.
I have Your same problem too, but we can join to people like us online, is little less fun that face to face, but is more challenging.
Good luck to everyone for the contest.
Goodhart (author)  CapitanZpk1 year ago
Thank you, I am always on the look out for new ways to connect makers/hackers to each other.
bajablue1 year ago
Amazing artwork!
Goodhart (author)  bajablue1 year ago
You do know I meant the link to the DECONSTRUCTION post, right?
Of course... but I'm too busy ga-ga-ing over the illustration to go any further. ;-)
Goodhart (author)  bajablue1 year ago
well, it wasn't really a part of the original post....I used it as an attention grabber...
ChrysN1 year ago
It does look really awesomel, but I have the same problem as you.
Goodhart (author) 1 year ago