WTV020M01 sound module need help


I recently bought a cheap WTV020M01 (WTV020SD) sound module from china. i know you get what you pay for but i cant really afford to spend big on that kind of electronics or else i would have. Any ways my problems is i have wired up the component as instructed, loaded up the audio files as per instruction on the micro SD card and connected it to power and hit the play pin. And NOTHING happened. i then tested to see if it was getting power and yes the power was fine. After being frustrated i tried moving around the power connector and discovered that if i placed the power in the reset pin the module lit up as if it was working and all the buttons worked but still no sound. i am not sure that as its a cheap component its a dud or have i just wired it up up wrong, or an i missing something like an amp. any help would be good thanks.

here is some links to the component specs

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Circuit Diagram, more details please

You followed the instructions?
You tried the sample files?
You used the right voltages?
Sd of the right size? (1GB and not more)
But you did connect it to your controller and used some program to access the soundfiles?

solarsun (author)  Downunder35m1 year ago

I have Followed the instruction per say. here is a photo of bread bored if it helps. The buck converter is set to 3.3v and I am using the sample files no a 1gb sd. the only thing I am not using is a micro controller, as it's meant to be able to work with out one.


Well if all is correct and nothing works it usually means a faulty module.
Did you follow the troubleshooting procedures?
Any chance for a different SD to try? Not all are the same, especially when it comes to such outdated modules.

solarsun (author)  Downunder35m1 year ago

Yeah i tryed all the trouble shooting there was most of it has to do with the audio files. Unfortunately no i do not has a second sd card. It was really hard to get this fist one as no one sells 1gb micro sd's. Can you recommend a cheap alternative to this modual that will work.