Walking robot - very cool, despite the headlights being in its knees...

This chap has home-built a Jansen-style walker. It's a well-made video as well.

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Goodhart10 years ago
Fantastic; but how would you like to meet a cow sized version of that in a dark alley ? ! LOL That would be creepy....
Kiteman (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Is this one large enough for you?

ledzep567 Kiteman10 years ago
is that a boat motor on the back????? and was it just me or did it look like it had extremely bad traction? I bet the military has contacted him about that wanting to buy it or something. If i built something like that and they wanted to buy it id be like"nope!!!!!!, tomorrow im installing the napalm launcher and the blast shields" then my workshop would probly end up removed from the surface of the earth and all paper and memory storing devices of me and everyone i talk to being destroyed. and tthhheeennnnnnn I would sue the shit out of the military and with the spoils i receive i would create my own army dedicated to making flying, swimming running and climbing spider robot things.
Kiteman (author)  ledzep56710 years ago
I have no idea what the motor is, but there are links with the video on YouTube that you can use to ask.

The worst-looking traction is when they are turning - one set of feet has to slip, or it wouldn't turn at all. I suppose you could put rubber treads on the feet, but I think they'd where out quickly and it wouldn't sound half as impressive.
gmoon Kiteman10 years ago
Not all that different in that respect than standard tracks (bulldozer, tank, etc.) They couldn't turn without slippage.

This would tear up the road surface in a similar way, too. Maybe more, in proportion to the weight of the vehicle (less surface area than tracks.)
Kiteman (author)  gmoon10 years ago
A lot less weight than a tank, though. Modern tanks run at around 70T - this thing (checks links) is just over half a tonne. The feet don't move as far sideways in a turn either, the stride being just 60cm compared to the 8 or 9 metres of a tank-tread.
gmoon Kiteman10 years ago
Yep. And a tank weights a lot more than a bulldozer. Love to see one of these at military fighting weight... (ala "Wild, Wild West" or "Star Wars"-- just a mechanical daydream...sigh..)
ledzep567 gmoon10 years ago
well i didnt mean using the walker as a fighting device, more like a "oh shit i broke my leg, get me the hell out of here" device and now that i think about it, i see what you mean about one leg slipping. it just looks like its messing up too the untrained eye lol
gmoon ledzep56710 years ago
well i didnt mean using the walker as a fighting device

When I read this, I had a vision of a battalion of grandmas with assault rifle-equipped walkers....
Goodhart gmoon10 years ago


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