Okay, I've had pretty much the same wallpaper for a while now And I've been searching and I haven't been able to find much close to my taste so I want to know what your wallpaper is The images are two wallpapers I particularly like

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ChrysN8 years ago
I really like this guy's wallpapers.
Chicken2209 (author)  ChrysN8 years ago
yeah I discovered that from the map wallpaper I have, it had a link in the corner but I think theres not much after that on the site
whatsisface8 years ago
Chicken2209 (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
Have that one too I only can find one more on my hard drive theres atlest 2 floating round there somewhere I had one that was a combination of Daft Punk and Pulp Fiction
Aar000n3y8 years ago
here are some similar wallpapers I have I'll probably post my other favorites later
pff forgot to post them
1223917149355.jpg1230093882216.jpgFor this empire I sold my soul.jpgwarrior.jpg
niice can you give high resolution ?
lemonie8 years ago
I warn you not to wander anywhere else on this site (it contains adult humour elsewhere), but here are some great (inoffensive) wallpapers:

Chicken2209 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
im not exactly going to name my source, erm... for the same reason...
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