Want help editing? Offering help editing?

I'd like to offer my help to anyone who wants English language proofreading for their Instructable, just send me a message.  I speak French passably, and Spanish only a little.

Would you like to help people with English (or other) translations/proofreading for their Instructables?

Just leave your offer of help below, and let us know what languages you can communicate in!

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Neko-Otaku5 years ago
I can help with proofreading for English if anyone nedds help :)
schumi235 years ago
I can translate between English and French, so if you are French speaking, and want help/ Proofreading to English, feel free to send me a PM
jen77147 years ago
I will be happy to offer help proofreading. PM me and I will get back to you soon! :)
Hi Jen, will PM you :)
I replied :)
vishalapr6 years ago
I would like to proof read and help people I can speak English and Hindi quite well!
brunoip6 years ago
I have a question, how do you call the correa de impresora in english?

dealfon brunoip6 years ago
Ribbon,I think it is ribbon.
Since the belt is ribbed, it appears to be similar to a cam belt for an automobile, however, since the name "impresora"  (imprint or print) is attached, and the drive gear is also pictured, I would assume this is a drive or timing belt for a printer;  probably the belt that drives the printer's head back and forth across the page.
You are right, but this is old, I used this image in my ible of the robotic arm, thanks anyway, regards, Bruno.
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