Want to Try Pro?

Is there anyone out there who isn't a pro but wants to be a pro member?  I have two 3 month pro memberships gift codes available to two people who have made instructables but have not yet gone pro.  So the first two to reply will receive them.

Happy Summer!

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marianok5 years ago
Well, I bet is long gone by now ... but if there is a PRO membership available I would love to try it out !!
I'm a regular visitor of the site (I even have a lonely instructable published) and I've wonder for a while what's the real benefit of a PRO subscription.

In any case (were I get it or not), thanks for sharing it, that's really nice of you !.

schumi235 years ago
I find that instructables has a fair amount of people who give away pro memberships :)

I got one less then a month after I joined from Caitlinsdad (Thanks again! It was a year one too!)
Probably cause I went onto the Instructables IRC channel and was useing it :)

P.S. There IS an instructables IRC channel! At irc.freenode.org (Freenode server) the channel is #instructables (IF no one answers, wait a few hours. It's not extremely active but people to check up on it every now and then).

(And if you need more help to get on it, send me a PM)

P.P.S Hmm... is there in instructable for finding instructables on IRC, and how to use it?... *checks*
canucksgirl5 years ago
Just wanted to comment and "bump" your topic up the list! That's very generous of you to give away some of your Pro-ness to others. Hopefully someone who is in need finds your topic soon! ;-)
Agreed !! +2 :-)
zurichko (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Thanks guys! I don't mind when folks get on and want to browse the site but we need more DIY out there so I figured it would be a nice incentive but man, starting to feel like I just can't give these away.
I could be wrong, but I don't think as many non-Pro Members know of, or look at the forums. They browse the ibles and wish they had pro, and don't realize that people (such as yourself), are willing to share the pro-ness. :-|
Yeah, I was one of the weirder ones.....I found this site through MAKE and then did a few projects (replicated, that is) and then chatted....for almost a whole year before I published my first ible...
LOL... I was the opposite. I found the Q & A section early on, and didn't even know there was a forum section until one of the members I subscribe to had a topic published here. (Then I realized there was a whole other site!) 8-)

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