Want to be a Vampire?

If you would like to become a Vampire, email me at and I will inform you on the details. I am a full Carpathian blood Vampire.

Plo Koon1 year ago
ishakook201 year ago
Do you watch any vampire online
ishakook201 year ago
I'm sharpening my wooden stakes, harvesting garlic and polishing my crucifixes right now, so where do you live?

(JK, i just hope your not serious)
you do know that the garlic stuff is fake
It's as real as any other part of the mythology, including vampires themselves.

At least garlic is in the original source literature.
No more serious then wanting to become a unicorn ;-)
I believe they might be part of the My Little Pony spectrum.
Ah are you going to start horsing around again ?
Depends on the gallup polls. Take it all in stride.
We should probably halter this before it gets to breech. Reining it in is our best way to bridle this whole hobbled thread. Restraunt is called for, As long as we can stick the the mane subject, we'll be fine. (my wife and I love riding horses btw ;-)
Catlinsdad is best pony.
Not serious, just a troll.
The "troll" here is somebody trying to use a DIY site to convince gullible that they can become a mythical embodiment of pure evil, and that you will somehow be a better person that way!
I know. When I said troll I was referring to Vampira666.
As was I.

Never mind, they claim to be gone, now...
Are you a vampire i'm one too
Do vampires keep accurate records of their food intake? You could use it as a way to reduce your carbon footprint you know, humans are a massive producer of greenhouse gasses.
You could even make a business out of it, eat or transform humans, sell carbon credits to corporations. Its a triple win situation, 1: money, 2: food, 3: depopulation!

Unfortunately at this time I do NOT wish to convert, as I sometimes like the feel of sun on my skin without bursting into flames even though I am more of a night owl. I also LOVE garlic, and have yet to do much science with silver.

However, if I do wish to convert, would I need to have a full body cleanse to get all the unwanted things from my blood?
I don't see why everyone is so interested in becoming Vampires. these are cursed, soulless, monsters who live off other peoples blood. Is it because Twilight? I also have no clue why people would WANT to become one.

Please people.

get friends.
Vampira666 (author) 1 year ago
Oh my god, okay. Fine I'll go somewhere else where people are actually serious about becoming one of us, and not just ridiculing constantly. Goodbye.
Just noticed: calling on a deity for help? Not a vampire!
Don't go. I am sure there are people here who are actually serious about becoming a vampire. The only fact that does not pass muster is that you present yourself with credentials that cannot be accredited to anything and hence the skepticism.
Sure, there are probably people here who actually believe that there are such creatures as vampires. Or angels, or elves. I'm not sure I see any of that as very relevant for a DIY site.
I think they need an arduino light sensor alarm to tell them when it is safe to go outside or an automatic casket door opener/closer of some sort.
Oh, really?

You'd rather run away than tell us the truth?

I thought vampires were braver than that.

No, wait, I forgot... they don't actually exist, do they?

(Go on, prove me wrong, if you can.)
lemonie1 year ago
How much does it cost?

maybe your soul...
Or, at least, your credibility.
Was it my cloves of sarcasm that drove the vampire off?
This has gotten ridiculous. Why hasn't this been put under "Offbeat"?
Once bitten, you cannot turn back.
Thergox1 year ago
Just when I thought I saw the last of you. . .
Vampira666 (author)  Thergox1 year ago
Look, If you don't want to see me anymore, then leave. I never asked you to be here to insult me. You obviously are not here for the information. So, leave. Please. It's disrespectful to me. And that is all I ask of you. I mean no disrespect.
I mean no disrespect, either, you just happen to take my appearance here as so because of our past dispute. Personally, I'm rather interested in what's going on, and I promise not to intrude.
Vampira666 (author)  Thergox1 year ago
Well, thank you. If you are interested however, you can email me. And I'll give you more information.