Wanted: Diesel Mercedes, east coast

I'm looking for an old diesel Mercedes that someone will sell to me for under $2k. It needs to be working and drivable. I live in North Carolina, but am willing to drive for a decent car. There are a few I'm looking at, but I thought I'd ask here. If any of you know of someone selling anything decent let me know. Thanks! -DMC

bumpus9 years ago
I have one, but i'm not sure if my dad would be interested, so i'll tease you with a picture:
Does a chauffeur come with that?
drinkmorecoffee (author)  bumpus9 years ago
I like. Ask your dad already. :P
TFRamey8 years ago
I have one for sale. it needs work but its cheap email me if you want more info TFRAMEY@msn.com