Wanted, Electronics/LED expert for Commission or Request for links

I'm looking for someone who's good with electronics, specificly LED's and a way to make a programable stroll sign.  I want to make a 8x40 screen of LEDs, with several pre-programed displays, but I'd like a hand held controller I can attach to them so I can change them on the fly or type out messages to scroll across the screen.

Anyone feel up to it ? OR know links to tutorials ? I'm willing to pay for such a comission ! Thanks for looking.


You can buy these things off the shelf. Why reinvent it ?
JERMS3633 (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Where ? What would they be called ?
"scrolling LED displays"
"Scrolling LED badges"
Giedow5 years ago
try letsmakerobots.com (there is a link to the search page on the right)