Wanted: Kool-Aid Man

A smashed brick wall is a tragedy just begging to be turned into comedy. Here's how to do it.

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fungus amungus (author) 9 years ago
A historical reference...

Several episodes of Family Guy suddenly make an awful lot more sense!
Kiteman you watch family guy!!! What channel does it come on? Are you not offended by all the brit jokes they make???
It's on BBC 3 - they show two episodes most nights.

As for the Brit jokes, most of them are upper class jokes, and (much as many Brits will try and deny it), there is still a firm class system in this country, very much an us-and-them attitude between workers and toffs.
i think british politics are funny. you can call my stupid or weird idc.
How many parties operate in the US? Two, that I can see. We have dozens over here, and we don't have elections to find out who can stand for an election - as long as you fit fairly loose standards (over 21, relatively sane, not in jail), and get a certain number of signatures from people to say they think you should stand, you're up for it. You can contest an election without spending millions, and if you're doing the job properly you can be re-elected as often as the public will put up with you.
theres four that i can think of but i will ask my sister later.
my three partys not four.
my bad*
Republican, Democrat.... and...?
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