Wanted: Looking for EMPTY Nitrous Oxide Canisters

Looking for EMPTY, only empty, Nitrous Oxide canisters.. the small kind, for like airguns or whipped cream.

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Hard times 28 days ago

hi I have roughly 1200 cartridges I'd like to sell as recyclin

DavidH5691 month ago

At least 2000 of them

DavidH5691 month ago

pm me and I'll send your these

PaulG32811 months ago

Just one example....

NO2 cannisters.jpg

Ahh fly-tippers, scumbags!

rlinzey12 months ago

Hi, I would also like to source some USED Metal nos canisters. Preferably based in the UK. Do you any of you still have some? Please email me: rebeccalinzey@aol.com. And I will check the forum as well. Thanks. Rebecca

NateK171 year ago

I have about 10000 of these in the US, You pay shipping and I'll send them to you

BrendonH81 year ago

Got over 1000, grey and silver, central london

looking for a lot of these, based in uk

around 1000 silver. Bromley Uk

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