Wanted: Looking for EMPTY Nitrous Oxide Canisters

Looking for EMPTY, only empty, Nitrous Oxide canisters.. the small kind, for like airguns or whipped cream.

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PaulG3289 months ago

Just one example....

NO2 cannisters.jpg

Ahh fly-tippers, scumbags!

rlinzey10 months ago

Hi, I would also like to source some USED Metal nos canisters. Preferably based in the UK. Do you any of you still have some? Please email me: rebeccalinzey@aol.com. And I will check the forum as well. Thanks. Rebecca

NateK171 year ago

I have about 10000 of these in the US, You pay shipping and I'll send them to you

BrendonH81 year ago

Got over 1000, grey and silver, central london

looking for a lot of these, based in uk

around 1000 silver. Bromley Uk

DarrenH251 year ago

I have around 1000. UK BROMLEY

VenancioP2 years ago

I Have also few hundred of these.. anyone interested?

what colour? based in uk?

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