Wanted: Looking for EMPTY Nitrous Oxide Canisters

Looking for EMPTY, only empty, Nitrous Oxide canisters.. the small kind, for like airguns or whipped cream.

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hi I have roughly 1200 cartridges I'd like to sell as recyclin

DavidH56926 days ago

At least 2000 of them

DavidH56926 days ago

pm me and I'll send your these

PaulG32810 months ago

Just one example....

NO2 cannisters.jpg

Ahh fly-tippers, scumbags!

rlinzey11 months ago

Hi, I would also like to source some USED Metal nos canisters. Preferably based in the UK. Do you any of you still have some? Please email me: rebeccalinzey@aol.com. And I will check the forum as well. Thanks. Rebecca

NateK171 year ago

I have about 10000 of these in the US, You pay shipping and I'll send them to you

BrendonH81 year ago

Got over 1000, grey and silver, central london

looking for a lot of these, based in uk

around 1000 silver. Bromley Uk

DarrenH251 year ago

I have around 1000. UK BROMLEY

VenancioP2 years ago

I Have also few hundred of these.. anyone interested?

what colour? based in uk?

I have TONS of empty canisters in blue green and silver I am trying to get rid of

do you still have these?

bruno.buoro3 years ago

Hey if anyone with a load of these wants to discuss how to get them shipped I am looking for a hundred or so, plain unbranded and empty ones. There's a place in Shoreditch where I can get them empty but I want to know if I can get them cheaper and quicker online. Email me on bruno.buoro@live.co.uk. Thanks ahead, Bruno.

KathiFarrah3 years ago

Got hundreds of these, anyone still interested?

Hey I am interested. only need a few but I am happy to pay for shipping for all of them. Are you in the UK? Email me if you still have them bruno.buoro@live.co.uk. Thanks ahead, bruno.

VinayT3 years ago

i have around 200 - ill ship them right over if we agree a price

allymac4 years ago
Hi the last post was in 2008.. but im looking for empty canisters too.. willing to pay for them. im from uk, so ideally you need to be in uk for ease of shipping.. if you have a large amount i'll be willing to collect them cash on collection.
I have a couple hundred of these. Are you still interested?
3rdParty5 years ago
I have a few thousand spare XD
Rufus3135 years ago
Hi! I'm a sculpture student and and need approximately 6,000 + to add texture to walls. If anyone has empty chargers lying around, PLEASE message me and I'll arrange to have them shipped. I've been going to Starbucks but they are only going through 2 a day. I need these by the end of November, when my assignment is due. THANK YOU!!!!
jdaddy155 years ago
still need any? i simply have thousands.. lol
Hope this helps if I'm not too late.

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laminterious (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
Yea! Those would work perfectly. I'll pay for the shipping to send them to me... how many might you have lying around?
Well, I just found out Mom threw most of them away (she always throws away the best stuff). How many do you need? I am going to go check the airsoft course in the woods for discarded cartridges (there are at least two or three up there). I only have three guaranteed right now, but I will look after school. :(

laminterious (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
Well, I am looking for about 3 dozen or more, preferably. All of my kids want one now and refuse to share...*sigh*
Well, I'd have at least 25 if Mom hadn't thrown them out. Right now I have eight, and I'm still looking.
Do they need to be clean, as in no rust or dirt?
I'm going to an airsoft place Sunday, maybe there's some over there...
I now have 14...
i have six, but they are still not openned. when ill puk them in my airsoft and they are empty, ill keep them for you.
Stone Age7 years ago
just go to starbucks or any other coffee shop and ask for them =) good luck
laminterious (author) 9 years ago
I can wait for them all.. the shipping should be a bit less that way.. unless you just want to get them off your hands now, then I'll send you payment now.
ok I'll let you know when they are all empty and i can ship them in the box i got them in, should be a few weeks at most.
cool, thanks
Hey, did you still want these? I totally forgot all about them and came across an instructables article which jogged my memory, so e-mail me if you want 'em.
laminterious (author) 9 years ago
Yes please!
ItsTheHobbs9 years ago
wow, those things look soooo handy for decorating stuff. they are soooooo coooool.
Are those inside whipped cream cans?
No, but they're used by "professional" whipped cream dispensers, sorta the way CO2 cartridges are used by seltzer bottles.
westfw9 years ago
please don't be making them into bombs; I understand they make nice SHARP shrapnel!
laminterious (author)  westfw9 years ago
Oh no, no bombs. My son wants bullet belts and whatnot, and these look decently enough like real bullets that they will work for what he wants.
Oh, lawd. Please be careful with those. I have a friend who got suspended (from a college, mind you) for wearing one of those. Well, suspended for refusing to remove it when the cops told him to, but still.
I've got a friend who bought one in NY...when she came back, she mistakenly brought it on her carry on luggage through the airport! Thankfully it was just taken away.
My son is only 6, so no worries there... and he's homeschooled heh
Also check out motorbike places, ask a few cycling and motorcycle places, they have similar Co2 capsules for Tyre inflation kits, those might do the job nicely, I know I have a few capsules kicking about as well...
westfw9 years ago
How about these Baby Soda Bottles (PET bottle pre-forms); they're bigger, but probably weight about the same as a metal cartridge, and they double as nice conttainers or test-tubes.
The vendor has a bunch of neat stuff...

laminterious (author)  westfw9 years ago
hmm.. those are a bit too big, but I will keep them in mind. Thank you very much for the link!
PKM9 years ago
Oh, it's a shame you're in the states (I assume) so the postage would be too high. I know a household near where I used to live, who have.... probably of the order of ten or fifteen thousand of these. I'm not kidding. Think of an entire kitchen bin full of them at least twice over and a few half-full bin bags as well. They must eat a lot of whipped cream.
laminterious (author)  PKM9 years ago
A huge shame.... damn. Wonder how much it would be....
caitlinsdad9 years ago
Have you tried asking at a restaurants or dessert cafes where they use a lot of whipped cream for their empties? Those chargers also come in CO2 version for making your own soda water. Maybe you could find a paintball site that collects the used ones off the grounds or some gun range that allows airguns.
i think you can get them at REI outdoor goods. not empty, though
laminterious (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic9 years ago
Yea, I have no need for the filled ones...