Wanted: Two software tools built, you sell/own. Free idea.

I just want to use this stuff and don't think it exists, so free idea for someone.  I'm busy with bigger stuff.

A digital music service for CD/Vinyl buyers.  Contact record companies, get deals to sell their music digitally in the form of FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) which is like cd/vinly grade digital audio, for audiophiles and perfectionists.  How it'd work is people register an account with the service.  They then insert their CDs into the computer, licensing information is taken from the CD (heard about it in a cryptography course) and tied to your account.  You are then credited with ownership of that license, and allowed to download the official FLAC files free of skipping or impurities from scratches or something, plus all the extra info like you find on iTunes files.  A service to give Album/vinyl fans the benefits of portable music, without a hassle.  Order music online, get the flac, and the album sent to you.  Bands like tool can say you must buy the full album and get it physically prior to being allowed any downloads.  I'd just like it, it'd be great if you could just provide access to an itunes account and confirm purchases on there too, just transfer it against apple's will, screw em.  Just keep patching the updates apple does against it, I hate that I've got over a grands worth of music stuck on there, not a single lossless download option.  The benefit of being able to just download your library is also added.  Cd's get damaged and lost, but it's still paid for, maybe allow being sent another copy with the same license, just  paying for shipping & the cd, also cryptographically tied to only your music player if possible & marked as a claimed copy.  Buy a cd making macine, or talk to record companies about that.  I'm sure profits could be had, how's itunes make profits?

2nd idea:  Tool/program for stitching video into virtual maps, like in a video game.  Normal cameras, and CR cameras like the Kodak orbit 360.  Just take a ton of video/pictures from different perspectives, and using object recognition or whatever else, turn it into a virtual map.  Kinda like google maps except explorable freely like in a video game.  Have it editable because bulk proessing is the goal here, make it so people can go in and manually correct/edit it, take a new video of a spot that's messed up.  Was thinking this would be great for off limits areas like the london catacombs, or graffiti graveyard locally.  Plus, it'd be pretty great to make a video game map of your house, and po it in some game lol.  Object recognition is an essential method of creating the map, otherwise additional features later on are limited.  I have plans for this later on in my own projects, but it'd be nice just to be able to use it already, don't think it exists anywhere yet.  Ideally, you just take a video,  maybe a specific way, like a grid sweep, and pop it in the software, and it does its best, tthen you go in and touch things up.  Identify all the objects that are movable, stuff like that.  Also lighting is a topic too, might need to take video in different kinds of lighting?

Anyways, if anyone wants to do that, I'd love to buy it.

1. I see no chance as companies already go nuts with copyrights.
2. Exists for years, I made quite a few 4WD off road GPS maps from satellite or aerial images.