War!! >:(

Okay, so I have this video on YouTube titled The K'nexecutioner (twin gatling K'nex gun) [the link]It's the video that features my huge first model, and it has been up for a while and has gotten lots of views, comments, a solid 4.5 rating, etc.

But this one comment keeps coming up constantly. Yeah. The people who, upon seeing my video, cannot help themselves and must one-up me or prove they're better by saying I have no life. Normally, I just delete these stupid flaming kids' posts and move on. But, this time I decided to try and humiliate one of the flamers, just for the heck of it. If anyone with a YouTube account wants to jump on in, do it tastefully and maturely.

- I am 21 years old
- I have the whole *top floor* of my parents' house to myself
- I live at home because the college I go to is 20 minutes away
- I have had a sweet, lovely, awesome girlfriend who has for *two years so far* put up with my dorky K'nexisms

Picture of War!! >:(
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DrWeird1179 years ago
Yay, a K'nexer my age!!!
you are 21?
23. Shut up! I don't "K'nex" often, and when I do, it's not for very long. I feel babyish. Am I weird for that? I feel weird associating with kids, but...Oh, God. What am I? I do have a job, and of course a car. I have a girlfriend--am I still weird?
Larrymark- a notorious knexer on the knexforum, is in his 50's I think.  OPA on KI is a grandfather.
I'm an uncle.
My classmate in 3rd grade had a niece who was older than her. Whoa, that was a while ago. That girl is like 24 now.
Well, that's good.
You are not weird, Dr Weird.
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