War-Worthy K'nex Semi-Auto?

This is an idea I have had for a while now, but only now do I have the pieces to bring it to life.  

This mechanism was developed 2 years ago by Luis XIV.  Only until about a week ago had I seen anything done with this amazing concept, even though it was simply the same thing with an uzi body around it.  However it was still a step forward.  

The horizontal magazine is really whats makes putting a trigger on this possible.  I can see it done using a vertical mag but it would be overly complex involving a series of ratchets and several cut parts.  Its even cooler that it is a removable horizontal magazine.

My overall goal it to make this a gun that would exceed in CQB scenarios.  It is small, compact, with a high rate of fire and a removable magazine.  It does get about 25-30ft but that was only with one #64, however adding any more would make for an uncomfortable trigger pull.

So do you guys like it?  Should I post it?


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Johnhall445 years ago
sprout_less6 years ago
Post please.
Kinetic (author)  sprout_less6 years ago
A version that shoots these will be posted, though I have yet to make it.
Kinetic (author)  MegaMetal86 years ago
Yeah? A v.2 that shoots gray cons.
OH. I though those ball ammo things would be cool.
Please just post the one in the video.
Be great if you post both versions, most people don't have many of them :(
The Nomlack6 years ago
Hey! I mad a mech for a vertical mag.
1. Handle/ Mag
2. Trigger
3. Lift thing
4. Ammo
5. Mag Pusher
6. Firing thingy

How it works:

When the trigger is pulled it pushes a bullet (grey con) on the lift and then lifts it up to that firing mech (red con) Note: There is a gap between the trigger and the lift to have a delay. The delay is to let the bullet go on the lift first before lifting it and therefore firing the bullet.
You might want to enlarge the photo!
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