(Sorry for the blurry pictures, it's not very easy to aim a camera that's part of your watch.) Not technically a crossbow, but it's based off the Heavy Crossbow's barrel and trigger. This is not your secondary war weapon. Nor is it your primary. This is your "I'M GONNA FREAKING KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU JUST DID" gun. It moves a red rod with a grey on one end and a red with a green rod on the other faster than my eye can follow. It doesn't have particularly long range as far as I can tell, but that's because my room isn't very long. It did, however, put a good size dent into what is for other things a nigh-indestructible door with the lightest ammo that it can fire.  I'll post this if enough people want it, which I place at about three for a slideshow showing how the insides work and six for an actual 'ible. Please note that this thing is too complicated to build from the pictures due to the casing of the mechs and the unique way the barrel is made.
Posting tomorrow, have pics. Also has a just-implemented third firing mode, "booby trap", which holds the front trigger at its extreme forward and when the pin is pulled allows the trigger to shoot backward, firing the gun. Basically a game breaker, because it'll end up shooting them in the soft part of their side if it's at a proper height to be set off by walking.

Picture of Warbow
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Ok, I built it, fell over my knex box, faceplanted the wall and gun, all while it was loaded with 15 elastic bands, and smashed it with my face. I still have most of it, though.
mettaurlover (author)  Millawi Legend7 years ago
Heh. I use one string of bands comprised of three strings of five braided together. Has ridiculous strength and accuracy, as well as being easy to reload.
H1T4TCH17 years ago
that looks DARN good!
mettaurlover (author)  H1T4TCH17 years ago
Thanks. The pictures don't do it justice, though-I was suing a camera watch to take pictures of it, which is a pain in the butt to do because one hand was holding the gun and the other was taking pictures, which is exactly as hard as you think ti would be with the camera strapped to your wrist.
you have to keep the camera in TWO hands thats very important, or else your pictures WILL get blurry ;-)
mettaurlover (author)  H1T4TCH17 years ago
It was a camera watch, it got blurry because I can't hold my arm perfectly still.
lol a camera watch xD
knexguy7 years ago
The problem with the pictures probably has more to do with the fact that they were taken with a camera in a watch than the trickiness of aiming such a device ;)
mettaurlover (author)  knexguy7 years ago
No... It was the fact that it was attached to my wrist. It actually has a better-than-cellphone quality camera in it, but it's positioned in an awkward place on the watch.
1825157 years ago
I will be interested to see how the trigger works.
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