Warning Light for Gas Grill

I get a text yesterday "Hi Dad, Are you going to be home soon? I left the house and forgot to turn off the grill." The grill is in the back yard, a few feet from the kitchen window. The grill connects directly to the house gas supply, so it will never run out of gas. I have found the grill on days after someone finished cooking. So far, we haven't burned down the house!

I am searching for a product that would put a large blinking light on the kitchen window. It blinks when the grill is hot. It would remind me and my family to turn the grill off.

Anyone know of a product that I could buy to do this? Seems like a natural Arduino project, I'm just short of time now to make it.

Thanks, in advance.


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Frank, I've had the same problem. I put a limit switch in play (see pic). It helps to have a long rocker pawl to accommodate a large variation in knob position. Switch is "open" when gas is off. The switch runs a 3v LED with a battery pack thru the window. Helps at night, not so much in daylight. The 3v should not be an ignition source. Gas experts hate electrical switches around gas.

LesterH2 years ago

Frank, did you do this project? If so, I'm very interested to learn of your solution.

caitlinsdad4 years ago
I always make it a procedure to close the gas valve to my tank after use. Maybe you could just rig up a mechanical flag or large bright indicator marking that is exposed when the supply valve or burner valve is turned on. Or have some kind of magnetic or mechanical sensor activated when those knobs are turned on. You could set a remote meat thermometer in there to see if it is hot. Sure, you could do something with an arduino, but you want something reliable and not dependent on batteries for safety. Good luck.
fcohen (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
Hi C-Dad, Thanks for the ideas. I've tried to get everyone to follow procedure and the result is they don't do it reliably. The burner valves are out of site from the inside of the house, so a flag won't work. I have AC power for the Arduino idea - I agree with you about batteries. -Frank
Kiteman fcohen4 years ago
You should be able to rig a simple switch on the gas valve, so that, as long as the gas is on, a light blinks annoyingly elsewhere, say, over the TV.

UK school lab gas supplies are controlled by levers that are removed from the valve when not in use, effectively small spanners, custom-fit to the valve. I had a colleague who solved the problem if going home and leaving the gas on by using the spanner as a key fob - he couldn't drive home if the gas was on.
fcohen (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Another vote for sensing the gas flow instead of the temperature. Thanks! I love the spanner key fob idea. :-)
You should be able to set one of these inline between the gas source and the grill. It can then be wired up to whatever alarm or visual indicator electronics. http://www.theenergyconscious.com/honeywell-hc017.html?gclid=CJCVzcG7wbgCFdCZ4AodQR8AVQ
fcohen (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
Sense the gas going into the grill instead of the temperature. I like it! Thank you.