Warning to all Safari users.....

Pwn2Own hacker: Apple Safari is 'easy pickings'

Charlie Miller, the security researcher who won last year's Pwn2Own hacker contest, is predicting that Apple's Safari browser will be the easiest target this year.

In a note posted on the popular Daily Dave mailing list, Miller describes Safari as "easy pickin's" and forecasts that at least four zero-day Safari flaws will be used during the contest at CanSecWest later this month...

  • Safari: hacked by 4 different people. Easy pickin's as usual.
  • Android: hacked by 1 person. Not too tough but no one owns one.
  • IE8, Firefox: Survive unscathed. The bugs to exploit equation is too hard for $5k.
  • iPhone, Symbian: Survive due to non-executable heap.
  • Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Chrome: I don't know enough to say anything intelligent. That said, they're probably hard/obscure and so survive.

Last year, Miller exploited a Safari flaw to hijack a fully patched MacBook Pro machine. He is also known for launching successful attacks against Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platform.

Safari predicted to be the easiest target this year...

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dombeef8 years ago
Goodhart (author)  dombeef8 years ago
Just make sure it stays up to date if you use it. ;-)
Ok thanks!
starwing1238 years ago
Hackers can get by anything no matter how hard people try to stop them. As long it's connected to the internet. It's just how much time and effort they are willing to spend.
Goodhart (author)  starwing1238 years ago
Well, first off, those that hack, are not necessarily malicious, so if you mean malevolent hackers, known as Crackers, yes, there are ways to prevent pretty much anything except cracking from the actual physical location of the computer, but in nearly every one of those cases, it causes great inconvenience to the owner of the computer also. However, it really DOES have more to do with where one goes, and what one opens, then anything else; in the long run.
tarzioo8 years ago
what is a good software for preventing this? Is macscan good? I currently use clamXav but doubt it really does anything.
Goodhart (author)  tarzioo8 years ago
A good firewall (like from CheckPoint) is a must. But the most important thing after having all the safety checks in place, is where one surfs, and what one opens (like what attachments and whose emails). The best thing one can do is to keep everything updated (patched). There are programs out there for those not savvy to computers, that will check to make sure you have the latest version and patches.
oh awesome! I will definitely check it out, thanks!
Goodhart (author)  tarzioo8 years ago
Tarzioo, the following is one I use to keep my programs up to date and patched....

Secunia PSI
Plasmana8 years ago
Do you mean the hackers can get into people's computer via Safari?
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