Warning when typing "Youtube" on the internet browser bar

So, I opened a new tab because I wanted to look something up. I want to type in "Youtube" but I forgot the "y". When I hit enter, a porn site came up, so just a warning, be careful when typing "Youtube"

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KentsOkay8 years ago
*tries it* Ewwww.... iz deh nasty stuff!!
You're hot.
And you wonder why I don't go back to Natalie!!
I liked that avatar...=(
I thought Adrian Monk started that? And, I was making fun of him... in the past he would always tell Adrian that she was hot because of the avatar :P
Um...I am Adrian Monk...see, I changed my name... Haha, I know, just sayin'.

Why doesn't anyone ever tell me these things??
Touche.... Well, at least I can promise you that you wont hear any of that from me.
Hahahahaha :D
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