WatchDogs 2 Prop Replication WIP

Yo everybody!! After E3 we have a better look on the Game. As you all know i made my fair share of video game props.

I have hopped on early replication props! i have already recreated the pins and the melee weapon thunderball, with instructable in progress...
I am also starting this discussion in RPF style, cus RPF is not very easy to use for me. Plus Ubisoft related project are not to hot there....
Bascially i wish to build a RPF culture here!! as a bank of reference and exchanging ideas for build!!

Anyways please join me in the discussion for the latest reference and ideas!! let me start with som photoshop design i did!!

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mchau2 (author) 1 year ago
Lyca0ns1 year ago

Oh cool man I can't wait to see the thunderball (I felt as if it was slightly reminiscent of my personal monkey fist)

mchau2 (author)  Lyca0ns1 year ago
Oh i didnt invent this of course, even ubisoft credited the idea to the makers on internet as inspiration... my replica is an aesthetic piece mainly about how to nail the look as the in game prop... like for cosplay... featuringstickers and painting technique and cheap material substitude of the billiard ball.. woundnt want kids to swing that around hurting people because of me!
Lyca0ns mchau21 year ago

Oh of coarse I know you didn't invent it and I know you wouldn't use an actual weight for cosplay (I can imagine the bruise that that would leave when playing with it XD ) but it looks amazing man I simply wanted to see the prop and how cool the thing looks prior to the games release :)

But yeah I don't really wan't to release a instructable of it but there are about a hundred tutorials online for making them including paracord creations LLC one

Oh and yeah I will need to get a pic (I just need to find it as it has been years since I made mine )

mchau2 (author)  Lyca0ns1 year ago

take all the t8 me you need!

mchau2 (author)  Lyca0ns1 year ago

thanks for being interested! -ible Should be up by this weekend... i am interest in the 3d print electric gun in game, gonna make that once we have more reference! Thx for dropping by this discussion! Come back once in a while if you don5 mind!

mchau2 (author)  Lyca0ns1 year ago
Hey btw, why dont you post a pic here! Or write an instructable about it!
mchau2 (author) 1 year ago

here is a hd pic of my build!

mchau2 (author) 1 year ago

here you go guys