Water Rocket Launcher- High PSI twin rocket racers.

Ever wanted to know how to build a twin water rocket launcher? Have some expert advice on hand? Feel free to comment and help build a full metal, high PSI twin launcher. I am looking for assistance/advice you may wish to input. I was hoping to build a substantial base for launching multiple water rockets. It has a quad manifold so further expansion is possible. As you can see from the parts, it is very simple. I still need to add a isolating valve to stop water back flow into my pump (which will be located at the end cap, after the gate valve. The release mech has yet to be designed also. Australian gardena hose quick connects are the base for this rockets release system. I hope that is not too confusing. If it is, ask and I will clarify my babblings. Thanks for the assitance

Picture of Water Rocket Launcher- High PSI twin rocket racers.
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G. M.4 years ago
You should re-design your valve system. You can get cheap metal dedicated pneumatic valves that opens instantly. Your valve is slow opening, so this would greatly affect your acceleration and range.
Lftndbt (author) 9 years ago
Pics of the release mech for the quick connect sockets.
starwing1239 years ago
What is the rocket made out of, enforced FTC? Also, How are you going to pressurize it to 300psi+? I would very much like to know more about it, but from the pictures it looks like it can launch 4 rockets at once. From my experience of garden hose quick disconnect, you can't have adjusted nozzles.
Lftndbt (author)  starwing1239 years ago
sorry, on the PSI via standard bike pump to 140PSI then bike shock pump to 300.
Lftndbt (author)  starwing1239 years ago
FTC would seem to be my best option. for the moment i'll be sticking to just building a solid portable rig. 4 rockets is a option. Although I will have to divert those middle outlets to the exterior of the existing tubes as to accomodate fins etc. To crammed as it is. I just added to non-return valve.